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Podcast 060

The Shark Farmer Podcast - Steve Pitstick talks ag taboos
July 11, 2017

Steve Pitstick has been a pioneer in agriculture for decades, listen as he has an honest conversation about agricultures views on divorce and homosexuality

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Time stamps
8:24 video killed the radio store
19:30 divorce in ag
28:28 breakfast conversation… I’m gay
39:29 navigating new waters


Podcast 059

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Cody Creelman vlog rockstar
July 4, 2017

Dr. Cody Creelman is ‘the name” in agriculture vlogs. His, no-holds-bar look at veterinary practices has set him apart. He talks about puss, palpations, and other… stuff

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Time stamps
10:00 He be vloggin
24:16 Screw Dr. Pol
27:35 Dr. Pimplepopper
32:45 Cow plastic surgery
39:42 No time for GOT


Podcast 058

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Mrs. SharkFarmer
June 27, 2017

Today is my podaversary!!! What better way to celebrate one year, of podcasting, than to interview my most requested guest….. Mrs. SharkFarmer

Time Stamps:
5:43 Rheannon Ehlers
11:31 Karl Armstrong
15:40 Jennifer Campbell
23:51 Vance Crowe
29:29 Donnarie Hales
31:10 Karen Corrigan
35:35 Mandy Rizzo


Podcast 057

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Kim Keller... The flexible idealist
June 20, 2017

Kim Keller is a flexible idealist that has worked her way home. From opening admitting she didn't like farming growing up, to coming back and never being happier, Kim hasn't let any mold define her. This former app developer has some great lessons on talking to "city folk"

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Thunderstruck Ag

Time Stamps:
13:17 cart bitch
16:09 developing an app
29:27 her twitter storm
32:33 Saskatchewan women in ag
37:56 agvocates


Kim Keller is Nancy Drew - Bonus Cut



Podcast 056

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Lindsay Persico doesn't farm
June 13, 2017

Lindsay Persico doesn't farm.... but she's one of the strongest gals I know (both physically and emotionally) Listen as she talks about the tough decisions she's made to be a good example for her kids.

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Farm and Rural Ag Network

Time Stamps:
11:36 Her tattoo
15:11 living in a 12'x16' cabin
16:27 When divorce is right
33:14 her hero
38:12 decisions in buying food



Podcast 055

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Steven Ellis likes haiku
June 6, 2017

Steven Ellis is a Virginia farmer who is a connoisseur of the Japanese poetry, haiku. He talks to us about the differences he sees from farming in the "I" states. Plus how ag social media has changed.

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Time Stamps:
8:30 he sounds like Frank Underwood
16:25 forced to farm?
22:38 his dad is awesome
34:50 he hates "I" states
47:20 Farm to table restaurant



Podcast 054

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Donnarie Hales is insane
May 30, 2017

Donnarie Hales is on a mission to break my spirit and leave me a shell of a man. She talks about her job with BASF and our upcoming unnamed roadtrip. Also she talks about being a farm girl leading to her love of ag

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8:51 what the hell does she do
16:59 ROADTRIP!!!!!
31:31 whats a haymow
36:00 who works in cooperate ag



Podcast 053

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Matt Chambers Part Two
May 23, 2017

Last week Matt Chambers navigated us through his families struggles after a truck/tractor accident. This week we learn more about the details and what actually happened.

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2:31 who’s fault was it?
10:35 alcohol and farm equipment
23:41 grain bin safety
29:22 Update



Podcast 052

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Matt Chambers shares his families stuggles
May 16, 2017

Matt Chambers is a farmer from Iowa that talks about an accident that changed his family for ever. It's an heartbreaking story, but you wont believe what happens at the 40 minute mark.

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Podcast 051

The SharkFarmer Podcast - Rachael Spangelo is the Queen of TwoDots
May 9, 2017

Rachael Spangelo is the Queen of TwoDots Montana... I guess Listen to her incredible story about protecting her daughter.

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Time Stamps: 6:33 2 dots Montana
14:48 hand up a bison butt
27:46 direct to consumer beef
32:07 her mini me
36:30 immigration, gangs, and escaping danger