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Podcast 040

Farm and Rural Ag Network launch
Feb 21, 2017

Now you can find all the best agriculture podcast in one place!!!

Listen two the three founders talk about #FRAN


Podcast 039.5

Meg Brown bonus cut
Feb 16, 2017

Here's a bonus clip from Meg Brown about raising raising hippie pigs


Podcast 039

Meg Brown holds nothing back
Feb 14, 2017

Meg Brown pretty well blew me away with her honesty. Listen as she talks about mental health in agriculture.

6:38 Two headed cows
12:57 Showing consumers the truth
23:29 SM success without booty shorts
30:18 California tribes
40:29 Mental health in agriculture


Podcast 038.5

Aaron Base bonus (armyworms & power outage)
Feb 8, 2017

Aaron Base shares his epic battle with armyworms, ice, and no power.


Podcast 038

Aaron Base isn't allowed to drink tilapia
Feb 7, 2017

Aaron Base is from Oklahoma where he raises wheat and cattle alongside his Airbnb and vineyard. Other than that, he’s not allowed to dink tilapia.

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8:25 Airbnb
18:01 Grass-fed beef
23:20 Aaron hates corn
25:29 Selling ag to millennials (Vance Crowe mention)
32:37 He’s not allowed to drink tilapia?
42:50 Ag Twitter


Podcast 037.5

Julie Kelly talks about Chiraq
Feb 1, 2017

Julie Kelly lives outside of one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. Listen as she tells us about Chiraq.


Podcast 037

Julie Kelly is a suburban mom you don't mess with
Jan 31, 2017

Julie Kelly has been blocked on social media by some of the best. Listen as she talks about everything from the organic industry to climate change.

Brought to you by @MCAgronmics at MCAgronomics.com

Time stamps:
7:44 Go Cubs Go
18:26 Organic industry???
31:25 Global climate changing type stuff
38:15 Weekly Vance Crowe mention
46:20 Minivans are awesome

Time stamps:


Podcast 036

Jeff Bennett is the reason we don't have lightsabers
Jan 24, 2017

Think about all the handy things farmers could use lightsabers for… but because of Jeff we can’t. Besides UFO’s, he talks about farming in Saskatchewan and having babies.

Time stamps:
12:04 Bonetrail to Regina
19:15 Not following back on Twitter
23:07 Finding out the sex before birth
25:13 A job for a farm spouse when you live in the middle of nowhere
30:44 Agvocating
37:04 UFO probing


Podcast 035

Cristen Clark teaches me to be less of a jerk
Jan 17, 2017

Iowa farmer Cristen Clark tries teaching me to be less of a jerk. Listen as she talks food competitions and cyberbullies.

Time stamps:
8:15 White elephant parties to find a spouse
15:27 $17000 alternative burger
23:59 Being a jerk to chick farmers
32:52 Cyberbulling mommy bloggers
42:38 7 tips to be less like SharkFarmer


Podcast 034

Kevin Folta and turning GMOs into GFYs
Jan 10, 2017

Kevin Folta is a scientist, or something. I was able to educate him on GMO’s. I was surprised that he was so unaware on the advancements of biotech on food… but no one is perfect.

Time stamps:
6:49 scientist and farmers speaking up
10:49 GMOs to GFYs???
17:32 moveable middle
26:28 Supporting our ally tribes
37:12 I Quiz Kevin… he fails
45:31 who the hell is Vern Blasik


Podcast 033.5

Vance Crowe Bonus
Jan 4, 2017

Here are some bonus clips from my interview with Brandy Marron. Just too much awesomeness for one interview. She talks about whining college yutes and our trip to Japanama


Podcast 033

Brandy Marron cuts up cows with chainsaws
Jan 3, 2017

Brandy Marron spends her days creating unnatural abominations in her secret lab run by lightning storms to power her equipment to 1.21 gigawatts.

Time stamps: 9:32 you need a licenses your genetic defects?
12:09 over the counter cloning kits
17:54 no BS GMO talk
27:34 creating chickens with antlers
30:13 taking a chainsaw to a cow
39:09 killing roaches with Fixodent
48:42 glow in the dark bacon…. yup


Podcast 032

Julius Tillery is your typical cotton farmer... except not
Dec 27, 2016

Julius Tillery is your typical cotton farmer... except not
Listen in on his journey as one of the world’s very few black cotton growers.

Time stamp: 8:15 only time Grandpa left the farm was WW2
15:51 The PuffDaddy of farming
18:01 Old vs. new farmers
19:55 Black cotton marketing
22:38 Shitake mushrooms
26:02 Sustainable or not
33:34 Food hub
39:24 He’s been black his whole life


Podcast 031

Ashley Arrington
Dec 20, 2016

Well bless your heart and put cheese in your grits.... here's Ashley Arrington. She talks about cuttin her teeth in ag consultin buznass

Time stamps:
9:04 consultan buznass
10:25 what is a grit
16:00 apologies with pot brownies
21:47 differences in farmers
25:19 agvocates
28:30 bless your heart
38:43 flying as a 4'11" chick