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Podcast 030

The Shark Wire Podcast
Dec 13, 2016

Here is the live audio from the duel podcast at the AgChat conference last week.


Podcast 029

Matt Welte
Dec 6, 2016

Matt Welte (@jrlikeswhisky) has an incredible ag story. Unfortunately it is overshadowed by his love for cats.

Time stamps:
9:09 BTO talk
13:42 Is a hiredhand a farmer?
18:40 J R L I K E S W H I S K Y
25:48 Farmer hockey
28:51 Jr. embraces his inner agvocate
33:37 Jrlovescats


Podcast 028

Karen Corrigan
Nov 29, 2016

Karen Corrigan, or Weedgirl, shares what it is like being an independent agronomist. Between locking her kid in the car, and her epic Twitter battles, she juggles business and family.

Time stamps:
7:20 filling the Extension void
19:41 locking her kid in the car
23:39 Ag social media
33:52 what an agronomist feeds her kids


Podcast 027

Mike Sims
Nov 22, 2016

Mike Sims is a polarizing individual from Ontario. Most of his communications are done through cuss words and misspelled tweets. Mike talks about starting his own farm and being a foster parent.

Time stamps:
6:43 what it means to Simsed something
13:53 He's not addicted to Red Bull
23:26 Being a foster parent
39:40 Ag social media
50:19 Questions from his friends


Podcast 026

Suzan Moore
Nov 15, 2016

Suzan Moore spends her days raising money so we can teach the young punks of today about agriculture

Time stamps
8:35 Insulting Nancy Reagan
19:03 Ag in the classroom
24:29 battling unions
26:57 professional protesters
34:10 farm secession
40:48 life of a fundraiser
44:21 agvocates

Time stamps:


Podcast 025

Doug Foley
Nov 8, 2016

Doug Foley has accepted my invitation to become my life coach, to help me be more positive. He also talks about how farmers can connect with the right audiences.


Podcast 024

Lesley Kelly and I talk girl stuff
Nov 2, 2016

The gem of Saskatchewan is back talking aboot women in agriculture and how they should not be treated on social media. Read more at http://sharkfarmer.libsyn.com/#yIsWQMs2C6Kqb1uV.99


Podcast 023

Annemarie Pedersen
Nov 1, 2016

Annemarie Pedersen shares here Canadian opinion on agvocacy, pencils, and chuck wagon races.

Time stamps:
8:33 Sustainable beef
16:33 Food compared to price
22:48 Uniting ag's voice
25:52 Social Media police
32:03 Pencils are dumb
37:50 Chuck wagon races


Podcast 022.5

Vance Crowe Bonus
Aug 9, 2016

Here's a couple bonus questions from the Vance Crowe interview


Podcast 022

Vance Crowe
Oct 25, 2016

Vance Crowe is the Director of Millennial Engagement at Monsanto.
He gives us a different look at how farmers can communicate with the public.
Please visit www.sharkfarmer.com and www.leaningpinedesign.com

Time stamps:
8:09 Peace Corp
13:13 Monsanto interview
16:59 Speaking to the opposition
27:04 Millennials
42:04 new styles of speaking


Podcast 021.5

Bonus Cut SharkFarmer interview by Taylor Truckey

Bonus tracks that include some of the worst jokes ever.


Podcast 021

SharkFarmer interview by Taylor Truckey
Oct 18, 2016

Well here i am... warts and all. From meeting Obama to the outfitter, to my wife. I was as honest as I could be.
Interviewed by Taylor Truckey @taylor_truckey

Time stamps:
4:17 meeting Obama
10:55 Sharkey Outfitters
23:09 My split with Farm Bureau
37:07 a question from my wife