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Podcast 020.5

Michelle (@MGigger) Bonus Cut

Listen as Michelle (@MGigger) talks about her viral tweet in this bonus cut


Podcast 020

Oct 11, 2016

Michelle (MGigger) is one of agricultures' more aggressive tweeters. Listen as she talks agvocating, prenuptials, and ag teachers.

Time stamps:
9:30 Plums and prunes
15:32 divorce's effect on farms
20:42 agvocacy
25:41 aggressive tweeting
32:56 follow back girl
37:30 Ag teachers


Podcast 019

Nick Ehlers
Oct 4, 2016

Nick hates doing interviews... so I really enjoyed making fun of him. He talks farming and his vasectomy.

Time stamps:
11:38 vasectomy
14:27 agvocates
16:03 ag twitter
23:38 cancer scare
27:00 art of the deal
31:15 Hillary is going to kill us


Podcast 018

Hope Floeck
Sep 27, 2016

Deep in the heart of Texas, Hope Floeck is one of agriculture's greatest assets. She absolutely nails how to bridge the gap of farmers and nonfarmers in agvocacy.

Time stamps:
5:09 80's Farm debt crisis
13:55 Talking ag with those in DC
21:52 armadillos
24:18 Knock knock joke
26:14 great stories about her son
33:35 Trump or Hillary


Podcast 017

Will Evans
Sept 20, 2016

Lets go international with the one and only Will Evans. Will talks agriculture in Great Britain and giant phallic carvings.


Podcast 016

Amy Matheson
Sept 13, 2016

Amy Matheson says what she thinks with no holding back. From moth flicking to metric conversions, this one is a fun listen.

Time stamps:
16:00 when you need to call out a bad tweet
36:28 farmers know the truth on their farms
37:34 Followers vs. Interactions


Podcast 015

Sept 6, 2016

World famous trader, Snarkosaurous, takes us on a nonstop ride. He talks Chicago, agriculture, and his thoughts on agvocates.

Time stamps:
10:05 Working Naked
14:23 Mind of a Chicago consumer
32:43 Agvocating


Podcast 014

Chyenne Smith
Aug 30, 2016

Chyenne Smith from Utah talks about her successful use of social media and that pesky Bigfoot.

Time stamps:
9:45 branding cattle
15:07 some amazing advice for agvocating
33:51 bigfoot
34:56 calculator fun


Podcast 013

Randy Uhrmacher
Aug 23, 2016

Randy Uhrmacher talks farming and strange Nebraska traditions.

Time stamps:
6:44 What the heck is a runza?
11:26 Farming after the early 80's
16:05 Randy's views on agvocating


Podcast 012

Angie Setzer lays the smackdown on analysts
Aug 16, 2016

Angie Setzer (Goddess of Grain) lays the smackdown on agvocacy and grain analyst... all while holding a baby.
Plus the greatest knock knock joke ever!!!

Time stamps:
13:16 The Bachelor
16:45 Agvocates
28:02 Market Analyst


Podcast 011

Sean Harmon
Aug 9, 2016

Sean Harmon has never been afraid to share his views on agvocates. Here he is unfiltered....

8:22 Agvocates
18:22 Involvement in farm organizations
25:52 Spinal leak